Understanding fault signs

Thirty years as a business has taught us much about how electronics work. Using our acquired knowledge and extensive training, we’ve been able to provide clients with top-notch assistance when they come to us reporting a fault. Employing a team of the most skilled electricians Leicestershire has to give; we are the people you will want to call in an emergency.

If you’re aware of an electrical issue’s symptoms beforehand, the information shall aid you immensely in rectifying a potentially hazardous scenario. Should you fail to do this, the result could be electrocution, or even property damage. It’s possible to do some troubleshooting yourself, but the majority of problems are best left to the experts. Nevertheless, if you learn to notice the warning signs, you’ll be in a better position to know when an electrician is needed.

Anyone who feels a lenient tingle or shock when touching their electrical goods should be wary. Inadequate wiring or a ground fault could be the culprits in these instances. If you experience a shock after going over a carpeted surface, static might be the origin. This is common during winter and isn’t too important. However, every other variety of shock should be taken with 100% seriousness, especially if you don’t wish to risk worse faults.

Keep your guard up against heated ceiling fixtures as well. On occasion, observe the space around your fixings for warmth. Keep in mind that they may not all be insulated efficiently. Additionally, if you surpass the total recommended bulb wattage, the fixtures can become overheated. This poses a fire risk. One solution would be to use light-emitting diode or compact fluorescent light bulbs; both don’t generate as much heat.

At Q-Energy, being members of the NICEIC,ECA, we see to it that our working standards meet those of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Whatever your troubles, we will examine the circumstances, and then utilise those techniques and tools we deem most appropriate to fix everything. We have the best electricians Leicestershire clients can task to help them find and resolve faults.

We are always looking to help where we can, so contact us if there is ever a problem.