Using PIR controlled lighting for security

We are skilled and qualified electricians in Derbyshire who also serve Leicestershire, Warwickshire and many other areas. We have serviced a wide variety of clients and completed a large number of projects across the UK, serving residential, industrial and commercial properties with our high quality work. One of the more unique items that we offer is installation of PIR controlled lighting. This is often used for security purposes but has found a number of other uses.

PIR simply stands for Passive Infrared and designates the sensor used within the device to control the lighting. The lighting works by examining infrared radiation and generally activates when the amount of infrared is raised. For example, when a person enters a room, the sensor detects a rise in body temperature and activates accordingly. It is because of this that PIR controlled lighting is generally used in exterior lighting applications to provide security. They can also be installed internally, so the lights are turned on the moment someone enters a room.

PIR lights have a number of advantages. They save money, because there is no risk of accidentally leaving the lights on as they deactivate once the source of infrared has left the viewpoint of the sensor. If LED lights are used, then further savings can be made and the lighting will be a lot more environmentally friendly, adding another benefit. It also lends itself to heightened security, due to the sensors activating the lights upon the discovery of infrared. PIR sensors are generally designed to ignore the presence of pets and other animals which would otherwise trip the sensor and activate the lighting.

From warehouses to hospitals, most premises can benefit from the energy saving and security potential that these lights provide. Our electricians in Derbyshire can install PIR controlled lighting in industrial or commercial properties. We are compliant with all relevant IEE wiring regulations and ensure that our staff continue to see their skills grow, ensuring that they can complete the best possible work on site.