Utilising quality devices and making use of professional electricians

Electrical faults can present themselves in any kind of environment, including the likes of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

Since this is the case, we operate a business that specialises in all three of these areas, making us the go-to people whenever a problem occurs or a new installation is needed. No matter what the trouble is, our electricians will go above and beyond to make certain that everything is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible for clients across Leicestershire.

Over the previous year, the number of fire claims that have resulted from electrical problems has risen by 35%. This accounts for over a quarter of overall claims, roughly 27%, according to data gathered by the Co-op Insurance.

Analysts that work for the Co-op said that aside from the more traditional causes of fires, such as washing machines and tumble dryers, other frequent offenders include those smaller appliances that need chargers. These more compact devices include iPads, e-cigarettes and mobile phones.

Over 1.8 million phone chargers are purchased online each year and around 2.1 million individuals are now using e-cigarettes in the UK alone. This is where everyone has to be careful, because unlike officially made chargers counterfeit models are comprised of low quality components. Many of these don’t meet our country’s safety regulations.

According to the Co-op Insurance’s Head of Claims, the last year saw a rise in fire claims that were caused by electrical problems, with a correlation to counterfeit chargers being present. People must avoid substandard chargers, as they can lead to both electrocutions and house fires.

At Q-Energy our advice to you would be to never purchase your electronics from an unreliable source. The same can be said for your repair services, as untrained people can add to the already present issues. It is better to invest in the services of professional electricians whether you need a new installation, repairs, testing, or preventative maintenance.

If you are after certified and highly experienced electricians based in Leicestershire, we are just the company to call.