What is an interruption?

Electrical faults may not seem too complex initially, but without the proper training and handling, a simple fix can turn into a massive and expensive replacement job. Our team has had years of experience in dealing with electrical issues and is fully capable of overcoming any challenge. Able to work within strict deadlines without compromising their results, our people are the ones to call should you have any trouble and need help from electricians in Leicestershire.

An interruption is a type of power issue and it is typically defined as being the absolute loss of load current or supply voltage. Depending on the duration it remains in effect, interruptions are categorised as sustained, instantaneous, temporary or momentary.

There are a plethora of causes for these kinds of problems. More often than not supply grid damage, be it from animals, vehicles, equipment failure or lightning strikes, tends to be the primary culprit. The utility structure is manufactured to compensate automatically for a host of these causes, but it isn’t perfect.

Utility protective devices, such as automatic circuit reclosers for example, are some of the more regular examples of what can result in an interruption within a commercial power set up. Reclosers can determine the amount of time that the majority of interruptions happen for, depending on the fault’s nature. These are mechanisms utilised by utility companies to perceive the increase in current from a short circuit in the utility foundation. They also cut off the power when this happens. After a set period, the recloser shall turn the power back on in an attempt to burn off the substance that is causing the short circuit.

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