What to ask your electrician

As one of many professional and registered electricians Warwickshire has to offer, we understand how vital our work is. It is vital to carry out electrical jobs properly. Furthermore, as so many electricians don’t have credentials, people need to ensure who they hire is legitimate. However, it is understandably hard to be certain, which is why you must ask the right questions.

Why choose a certified electrician?

The potential dangers surrounding electrical work and appliances means proper installation is absolutely necessary. Proper installation and maintenance greatly reduces accidents and risks. Therefore, always seek out a registered professional.

Additionally, the most obvious reasons why you should choose a registered electrician are:
– Services are periodically assessed.
– Government regulated.
– Follow BS7671 standards.
– Insurance for your protection.

The questions to ask your electrician

Firstly, ask them if they are Government registered. Choosing this type of electrician means additional protection for you if anything goes wrong. Moreover, asking them what qualifications they possess can give a warning sign. If they are unwilling to provide evidence of their qualifications, don’t use their services.

Furthermore, asking for references is a good indicator of their work quality. Make sure the electrician explains the job and how happy the client was with it for absolute clarity. Lastly, if you are unsure of their services, don’t feel pressured to make any decisions quickly. No regulated electrician will force you to decide straight away. Instead they will provide assurance and allow you to compare quotes.

If you ever need electrical installations, we recommend you choose a recognised professional. Additionally, if you struggle to find one, keep Q-Energy in mind. We commit to providing professional services and complete customer satisfaction. This has helped us become one of the best electricians Warwickshire has.

If you need our expertise, please contact us today.