What you need to know about preventing electrical burns

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Electrical safety is of the utmost importance whether you are working with electricity or using it. One of the potential dangers you need to be aware of is electrical burns.

What Is It?

This happens when someone comes into contact with a live current. It might be from touching a live object or electrified water. You need to understand that this is different to a thermal injury which would require alternative treatment. An example of this is touching and burning your hand on hair straighteners.

Surface damage might not appear serious, but this injury can result in a lot of damage underneath the skin. Even if it is minor you should seek medical treatment.

How To Avoid It

There are a number of ways that you can avoid electrical burns, especially in the home.

  • Use covers on your outlets to prevent children from being able to touch them.
  • Be careful with electrical items in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. They are more likely to come into contact with water in these areas, something which can be very dangerous.
  • Fit an RCD in your home for protection from leaking currents.
  • Make sure children cannot reach any wires as they might chew on them and result in an ‘oral burn’.
  • Always dry your hands and make sure that electrical items are not wet before using them.
  • You should make sure you only buy electrical products from reputable retailers and manufacturers. Counterfeit items are made cheaply and without safety requirements in mind.

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