When does a property need rewiring?

When you purchase a property there are endless details to consider. One that can easily be forgotten is to check the condition of the wiring. This should be one of the first issues you look at because if electrical systems are not in good condition the property could be unsafe, perhaps even at risk of fires. Whenever possible, you should get the wiring checked before you complete the purchase.

It is most important to check properties that are over 25 years old and buildings that have been altered extensively. Whenever you do any work on a property, the wiring needs to be checked to ensure that the new additions don’t overload or damage the existing wires. Projects such as extensions, loft conversions and installations of new bathrooms and kitchens could result in wiring problems.

Even if properties over 25 years old are in good condition, it is still wise to check the wiring. The wires could still be in good health but over that time it is likely that technologies will have improved and become more efficient. An upgrade can protect your property whilst also cutting energy consumption.

You should enquire about the wiring when you book viewings and try to gather as much information about when it was last altered or upgraded. A quick check of the consumer box could help you to determine how old the wiring is likely to be. Additionally you can look at the condition of exposed wires; this will also give you an idea of their age. If there is a mix of different styles of sockets and switches this is a sign that a partial rewire has taken place at some point so a full one may now be necessary.

When you purchase a property or plan alterations one you should try to budget for a rewire. If it is not necessary you’ll have extra money to invest in other areas, but if it is you won’t feel the impact as much if you have planned for it.

The best way to get a clear picture of whether a rewire is necessary is to ask our electricians in Warwickshire to do a survey for you. We offer a wide range of services, including rewiring work for all kinds of domestic property. Our team of electricians are highly trained and can help you get a clear picture of your wiring, advise you about what needs to be done, and provide clear estimates for the work. Please contact us today to learn more.