When flickering lights are a problem

A flickering light isn’t uncommon and the cause tends to be something benign. But, there are some situations where it is a sign of a serious electrical problem. As the electricians Staffordshire repeatedly relies on, we can help with things like this.

Minor or serious?

Flickering lights are a problem that is visible as well as annoying. They can even be alarming if you don’t know why it is happening. Chances are the reason behind it is harmless but you need to investigate to make sure it is not an early warning sign of a dangerous wiring issue.

Possible causes

A single flickering light could be because of the bulb. It might be making a poor connection so try carefully unscrewing it and then screw it back in. Or, it could be that the bulb is faulty or burning out. Replace it with a new one and see if this fixes the problem.

When the light in question is attached to a dimmer switch, it could be that the bulb is not compatible. Not all of them are dimmable which can make it flicker or strobe. You should always read the packaging of replacement bulbs for this kind of fixture.

If it isn’t the bulb, try narrowing the issue to a light switch. You might find when you investigate it that it will flicker more when you touch the switch. If this happens, or you hear a crackling noise or see arching electricity as you flip the switch, you likely need to replace it.

A light that flickers or grows brighter for a moment could be because of a power surge in the electrical system. Something might be causing uneven voltage levels. A problem like this might damage your electronics or start an electrical fire. Have someone inspect this as soon as possible so that they can solve the issue.

Electricians Staffordshire

As time goes on, wiring can degrade and become damaged. This can result in different faults throughout the property, many of which can be a huge fire hazard. If you believe that this might be what is happening, reach out to Q-Energy.

You can count on us

If you have a problem with flickering lights, you should call in a professional. A qualified electrician will be able to diagnose the issue and offer an expert and timely fix. We can help with issues like this and more, carrying out jobs of various sizes to provide people with first class results.

You should never ignore an electrical problem. Instead, contact the electricians Staffordshire residents can trust for their needs.