Which smart lighting works best for you?

Smart lighting products remain a very hot topic at the moment. Many retailers stock them and it isn’t surprising to see more and more manufacturers launching their own versions. However, this has made it much harder for people to understand the differences between one solution and another.

Q-Energy has done the research for you, outlining the differences between the most popular options in this post. So what makes a bulb smart? This form of lighting by definition built for energy efficiency. Traditional LED bulbs, which are energy efficient as well, don’t offer the automated controls that come with smart lighting. With these you can make adjustments based on conditions such as daylight availability or occupancy.

Some smart lighting is controlled via Bluetooth, and is mainly designed for applications in healthcare, at home, and security industries. This version uses hardly any energy, and runs in the 2.4GHz ISM band. It goes into sleep mode automatically until a connection is established again, providing excellent cost savings.

Wi-Fi controlled smart lighting is also available for home networking. This is the most popular method of connecting our devices to the rest of the world including smartphones, computers, video game consoles, and more. Due to improved energy efficiency Wi-Fi solutions have become more popular, and with the Flux Wi-Fi Smart LED light bulbs you can connect to 50 light bulbs from the app.

Another smart light which is quite a common choice is the Zigbee. The Zigbee is similar to the Bluetooth Smart because it too requires little energy consumption. This lighting link works using a mesh network, unlike Wi-Fi, which requires a router. Mesh are wireless so devices can talk more freely. Alternative routes do remain if a device drops out.

Q-Energy provides many domestic installations, from full rewires to basic installations. Smart lighting has many advantages and can prove to be a very good investment. If you would like to find out more, or want help from some of the very best electricians Leicestershire has to offer, please contact us.