Why everyone is going crazy for PIR controlled lighting

There are so many possibilities out there for using light strips made of LEDs. LED lighting is much cheaper now, allowing people to be very creative with it. The results can be very impressive and lights can be designed for use in a myriad of different settings. If you are considering designing your own light solution, we have the most talented electricians Derbyshire has to offer to help you.

Q-Energy are providers of PIR controlled lighting; this smart device is now one of the most popular items we’ve supplied recently. It can be used for a number of requirements, including as bed lights for example. It illuminates when motion is detected, emitting a warm glow that enables you to see clearly at night time.

Some of the highlights for PIR controlled lighting are:

– Motion activated – a built in PIR motion sensor uses human body passive infrared to automatically switch on and off.

– Adjustable timers – the motion sensor’s auto shut off timer can be set to whatever time you want, from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. A trigger system keeps the light on and automatically turns off at the time you set.

– Smart nightlight – the light will turn on to safely guide you through the dark. The glare isn’t too bright either, so there’s nothing to disturb and wake others.

– Power saving – the light will only pick up your movement and shut off on its own after the set amount of time has elapsed. So PIR controlled lights are energy saving and power efficient.

– Multi-purpose – these lights be used in the garden but are also great for around the house. The wide range of home settings where the lighting can be installed include stairways, furniture, and cupboards.

– Quality assurance – LEDs are cost effective and last up to longer than both traditional and other styles of energy saving bulb. As a result you save on scheduled maintenance and labour costs.

Installing PIR controlled lighting can be beneficial for many reasons as you can see. Q-Energy can provide you with cost effective, safety first light systems. We have the most highly trained electricians Derbyshire has to offer, ensuring we can deliver excellent standards every time.

If you are interested in using our service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.