Why PV solar energy is so beneficial

Q-Energy is a well established company that provides the best, most diverse range of electrical services. With over 30 years experience, you are guaranteed satisfaction with our work. We provide services for industrial, commercial, and domestic clients, so it is evident that we are one of the most versatile electricians Warwickshire has to offer.

One of the areas we specialise in is PV Solar power. It works simply, by converting the daylight using silicon solar cells normally placed on your roof. When the electricity is not being used though, you can sell it back to your energy provider. This form of producing energy is long lasting, clean, and protects the planet for future generations.

Can energy still be produced when there’s no sun present? Even if it’s overcast the PV still produces electricity because it uses solar radiation too. It creates it by diffusion. Obviously less power will be produced with just radiation, because the more sunlight shining on the panels the better.

With PV solar energy being so good for the planet, it does make you wonder why not many people have converted to this energy! It would only take 0.3% of the worlds surface to supply all of our electrical needs, if that space was covered with solar panels. Staying on the subject of surface area; there is enough roof space in the UK to provide all of the nation’s energy if we all converted.

Solar cells also generate the same amount of energy in their lifetime as nuclear rods do. So why not switch to solar? That way you can receive the same amount of power, minus all that toxic material that has to be buried for years, further polluting and endangering the earth.

To counter-argue bad press for PV solar energy not being worth the ‘hassle’, you can’t argue with the fact that the Earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than is used in an entire year.

If you are considering having PV solar energy panels installed, please don’t hold back on getting in contact with us at Q-Energy. With the best electricians Warwickshire has behind us, we can provide a first rate service every time.