You can’t have a cable without clamps

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In the world of electronics, there are all sorts of mistakes you can make while taking on alterations or repairs. To ensure that you remain safe while you work on your appliances, we’ve produced details on one of the most common electrical blunders and what you can do about it.

Installing cable without clamps is one of the worst errors you can make. Cables that aren’t stable will end up straining your connections. Inside of metallic boxes, the sharpened edges shall be able to cut the wire’s insulation if they are pulled too tightly. There’s no requirement for interior cable clamps with single plastic boxes, but the cables have to be stapled within eight inches of your box. Bigger boxes however do demand clamps, and the cable has to be stapled within twelve inches of your box here.

Installing a clamp can help to protect cabling from wear. When working, see to it that the cable sheathing is trapped beneath your clamp and that roughly a quarter inch of it is observable. Certain models of metal boxes come equipped with built-in clamps, but if your own does not, simply purchase and install them separately.

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